Airliners’ “Copenhagen” Is #SuperDopeShit


Photo: Artist courtesy

Canadian duo Airlines channel both the highs and lows of long-distance romance in their new single “Copenhagen,” which is #superdopeshit according to their SoundCloud. And we agree – it’s an ear-gluing pop anthem that sends you jiggling to the dancefloor with its colorful beats. Lyrically, the duo bites into the emotional thorns of missing someone who is far far away. Especially in this era:

“Our new song is inspired by a long-distance relationship and the city that fueled my emotions,” shared the duo. “We want people to hear the beauty of love and of Copenhagen itself reflected in the music, and then to contrast that with the melancholic nature of the lyrics. The entire track is a ying-yang of happiness, pain, longing, love, and acceptance. The magic of hopping on a plane and heading across the world to see someone you love conflicts with against the pain of sending someone you love on a plane across the world, never knowing if you’ll ever see them again.”

Tyler Boyd and Noah Monckton are the masterminds behind Airliners who will be dropping more beats soon.