Alke “Somebody Who” Is For Your Most Embarrassing (& Hottest) Ex

Shiny vintage pop

Photo: PR courtesy

LA based duo Alke, the collab project between Jameson Flood and Kelsey Karrasch, time travel us back to the 80s/90s with their latest single “Somebody Who.” With woozy vocals of Kelsey blooming over Flood’s retro production, “Somebody Who” has a joyous moodiness. Lyrically, the track describes a smoking hot ex who happened to be a shitbag, but you were too intoxicated by his pheromones to notice it at the time. Lesson learned…kinda:

Speaking of the lyrical influence, Kelsey commented: “I dated a guy once so hot, I almost didn’t notice how he never laughed at my jokes, or how he rarely held my hand, that he clapped on 1 & 3, or was terrible (in bed) at listening. That’s embarrassing so I wrote a song about it.”

Alke formed in 2016 when the duo first joined forces and wrote the viral single “Indigo” together (1MM+ streams to date). Since then, they’ve been making waves across the press for their infectious pop sound and will probably be spreading more grooviness.