Anna Straker Drops Empowering Single “Good Days, Bad Days” Ft. Gabrielle Aplin

Breezy pop

Artwork: PR courtesy

Through breezy croons and raw honesty, UK artist Anna Straker takes us into her own self-empowering journey with mental health in new single “Good Days, Bad Days” ft. Gabrielle Aplin. The track is largely inspired by Straker’s own experiences recovering from sexual assault and the mental work that followed. Melodically, it’s a woozy piece that radiates a soothing warmth. The video features clips of Anna and Gabrielle that has been filmed over the past two years capturing the ups and lows of life:

According to Anna, “I wrote ‘Good Days Bad Days’ during the recovery from my sexual assault. It is a kind of positive affirmation to help centre and ground yourself on days when your mental health gets the better of you. I want to remind people of their best moments to help them through their worst ones… I actually recorded the vocal for this on the day I was fired from my job! I want this EP to really showcase the issues surrounding mental health with honesty and sincerity, as I know so many people that suffer. I hope it helps to know that we all experience these ‘growing pains.’”

Gabrielle added, “I’ve always admired Anna as both a producer and writer as well as an artist and I’m really happy to be featuring on GDBD. I loved the song as soon as I heard it!”

“Good Days, Bad Days” is from Anna’s upcoming EP Growing Pains, which will be out in November.