Prince Of Wales Spends Isolation Between The Earth & Galaxy In “Spaceman Games”

Alternative pop for earthlings and aliens

Cover Art: Brennan Goldstein

LA-based artist Prince of Wales takes his isolation beyond the stratosphere in his new single and video “Spaceman Games.” Weaved with gleaming synths and hypnotic haze, “Spaceman Game” offers a visceral exploration of loneliness using cosmic metaphors. There are traces of coastal pop that yield a layer of dreamy breeziness, making it the perfect summer wrap-up anthem. Along with the single, POW has shared a video for it – directed by Brennan Goldstein – where we see him hopscotch between the earth and galaxy. Enjoy:

Speaking of the track, he shared: “The track came about from some chords I had been playing on the acoustic guitar for a few days. I’ve always been super inspired by space and astronauts so, lyrically, I wanted to play with the idea of isolation and what it must be like to actually be in space alone. I was really into the idea of paralleling that with the isolation people have been forced into due to the pandemic. The track in itself is a reminder to pay attention to the little things in life and not get caught up in distractions such as technology as often our smartphones and social media habits naturally push us towards isolation – much like what would be experienced as an astronaut alone in space.”

Will Crockford is the mastermind behind Prince of Wales. You probably heard of his name and work from ad campaigns of major brands like Red Bull, Real Madrid, etc. With his new project Prince of Wales, the maestro will be showcasing a new side of his creativity. Stay tuned for more drops from POW this fall.