Cosmopolis Muses On Our Priceless Relationship With Time In “Sécheresse”

Art rock with a touch of punk

Photo: PR courtesy

Cosmopolis, comprised of international artists all across the globe, ruminates on our complicated relationship with time in their latest single “Sécheresse,” which is French for ‘sure’ in English. Layered with gossamer post-punk strings and dusty dark atmosphere, “Sécheresse” hits you with the multi-century pressure of time that has been haunting humanity since the beginning of time (no pun intended). The track kicks off with slow-burning, drumkicks that mutate into chest-quaking riffs that yield an art rock sound tinted with the hefty shades of punk. Within the billowing echoes and synths, there is a dreamy vibe that is airlifted by the wistful croons. Enjoy:

Speaking of the track, frontman Gavin shared: “‘Sécheresse’ – with a refrain of ‘I haven’t got forever’ –  conveys the world-weariness of our times: we are simultaneously terrified, but also energised, by knowing that time is running out.”

Cosmopolis is the collaborative project of multi-national individuals hailing from all over the world. Comprised of Brisbane-based Gavin Kendall, Canterbury-based David Hussey, and Brussels-based Nicolas Payelle, Cosmopolis was named after the European Literary magazine that was published during 1890s. The trio will be sharing more singles this year and will be announcing 2021 tour, so stay tuned.