Felix Cartal’s “Harmony” Is Mood-Boosting Pop Steroid

Highly unapologetic

Photo: Alexander Ting

Platinum hitmaker Felix Cartal, aka Taelor Deitcher, nudges us to dust off the night-out corner of our closet and put on our dancing pants with his latest single “Harmony.” Mutated with all the sticky DNA of pop, electronic, and disco, “Harmony” is a smasher that washes your ears with all the hair-raising beats you need to dance like the best drunken version of yourself. Enjoy:

On the influence behind his latest release, he shared:

“It’s been weird times lately and in weird times I’ve always looked to music to be the answer for how I’m feeling. Often a sad song can be cathartic in the way it helps you feel less alone, like someone understands how you’re feeling too, and I love that feeling. It’s something I strive for often in the music I make. But there is another side of the spectrum, the song that can help lift your spirits rather than reinforce them. ‘Harmony’ is inspired by the pop heroes that shaped the music that I unapologetically loved growing up. Madonna’s ‘Hung Up,’ Britney Spears ‘Toxic,’ Gwen Stefani ‘What You Waiting For,’ these brazen pop bangers that wake you up with nostalgic production that just makes you feel good. Simply put, it’s a song you put on that hopefully makes you feel a bit better than before you listened.”

Felix Cartal will be dropping more beats this year, so stay tuned.