jefff Celebrates Human Spirit In “R U Hip 2 The Revolution”


Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from Florida, jefff is a multi-talented artist who cross-pollinates pop and rock into one sleek soundscape that takes on elements of soul and Americana. His latest single “R U Hip 2 The Revolution” is a guitar-powered soundscape where the throbbing riffs are tinted with the raw gritty vibe of Americana. The propulsive beats shower the listeners with an invigorating rush that fluctuates them between dreamy and down-to-earth states. There are subtle moody tones in “R U Hip 2 The Revolution” that offers a ruminative atmosphere to indulge in, but overall the song radiates an infectious optimism that embraces the human spirit. In this weird time we live in, jefff reminds us of the priceless value of staying in touch with our humanity:

Speaking of his music, “The evolution of the human spirit and of music are inexorably tied to one another.  If we are to survive and grow thru these strange and troubled times, the music must unite us with a shared vision, re-invigorate us and ground us.” He further added, “I believe I am an integral part of this next level communication. I am excited by the opportunity today to explore new avenues of inspiration with regards to sweet soul music when the world needs it most; and I feel most ready when world calls on me.”

Jeff Clark is the mastermind behind jefff, who is orginally from Lebanon, Pennsylvania. He started playing piano at the age of seven and honed his skills/knowledge by studying jazz and music theory. Clark was also the frontman of Massachusetts band Entrain for three years and has played with other musicians including Jimmy Buffet, Zach Brown, and G-Love. With four solo albums under his belt, jefff is currently getting ready to roll out his upcoming record My Last CD, out in November. Aside from music, jefff is also an avid travel and kitesurfer – the raddest water sport.