J’Moris Share Politically-Charged Single “BLAC AMERIKKA” FT. D Hewitt & 254 Assassin


Still from J’Moris, D. Hewitt, 254 Assassin – BLAC AMERIKKKA (Official Music Video) @shotbylloyd

Texas-based artist J’Moris recruits D. Hewitt and 254 Assassin in his new single “Blac Amerikka,” a politically-charged anthem that calls for change. Over the minimalistic midtempo, the three vocals revolve around the foot-stomping beats as they ruminate on the racial tensions that are happening across the globe. There is a bittersweet air throughout the song as J’Moris cuts his teeth on subjects pertaining to identity, brutality, and discrimination. The three rappers take turns in channeling the desire for change while also embellishing the song with their own flair. Through gritty, punchy lines, “BLAC AMERIKKA” stands as an empowering anthem that moves its listeners forward:

“It seems like we always know what to say until it’s time to say it. Every day is a constant battle, a constant struggle. We see police. They see us as trouble. Shit, when’s enough gonna be enough? They treat us like we’re the problem, and then we become the victim they say we cry about it. But when we stand up for what we believe in they make sure we die about it, and they leave us there. I mean, when you’re gonna continue to kneel on our necks we can’t breathe. That shit don’t fly with me. I’m tired of it.”

Hailing from Hillsboro, TX, J’Moris is a self-made artist who has used his past challenges as inspiration for his music. He grew up in Fort Worth surrounded by drugs and violence before moving to Hillsboro. “My family moved to Hillsboro, Texas, to try and get away, but to no avail. The crack epidemic consumed Hillsboro also,” he recalled. J’Moris credits his older brother for transforming his rough upbringing into something positive. “He showed me how to finesse the game more, how to be apart of the game but also be hands off.” Using music as his creative outlet, J’Moris has been using southern influences in his own sound and persona. He has already released five EPs and a full album, Blac February, released back in February. Be on the lookout for more drops from the artist this year.