Eades Nail Our 9-5 State Of Mind In “I Want More”

But honestly, it’s 9-6

Photo: Sophie Hart. Nice butt.

UK band Eades nails the systematic industrial slavery of 9-5 (or 6) with their latest piece “I Want More,” a midtempo slice of bittersweet harmony that has been peppered with elements of garage rock. It’s a therapeutic track that lifts your spirits by offering an empathetic soundscape filled with a steady dose gossamer riff. Enjoy:

Speaking of the single, lead vocalist Harry Jordan explained: “When we wrote ‘I Want More’ I was in a pretty strange place, working a real dead-end job just doing what I could to stay in Leeds and make music. I guess it reflects pretty well about how we all felt as musicians – finishing uni, feeling a bit lost and wanting more from life than the rat race our friends around us were joining.”

Drummer Dan Clifford-Smith added, “It instantly hits you in the feels – when we first started jamming it, it wasn’t long for us to figure out it was going to be one of our favourite tunes. The coolest thing about it is the way we play it live, everyone goes absolutely mental and locks in so deep with one another. Can’t wait to start gigging again once lockdown ends, catch us live in 2069.”

That’s right people – only 69 more years of lockdown. Hopefully by then humanity would’ve learned to wash their hands properly and wear a mask (wikiHow has a step-by-step process with pics, yay! :D)