Edens Back’s “It Don’t Mean Jack” Is Gritty F-You Anthem To Trollers


Photo: Edens Back Facebook

Aussie artist Edens Back sends the midfinger to all haters, critics, and trollers out there in her latest single “It Don’t Mean Jack.” It’s a blazing, pop single that has been slashed with her edgy vocals as the gal open the floodgates of your adrenalin. With an unapologetic DGAF attitude, Edens Back reminds you to mute out all the necessary voices and just enjoy being yourself:

On her single, the gal explained: “’It Don’t Mean Jack’ is all about loving the parts of yourself that everybody else hates. I’ve been told (too many fucking times) that I swear too much and that I’m way too loud. This song is a fuck you to all of those people, because at the end of the day, your opinion of me, it don’t mean jack.”

Edens grew up in the Sunshine Coast before moving briefly in China and settling down in the UK in 2016. Since then the gal has been making waves across the London music scene and has been working with various songwriters and producers. The track is from Edens Back’s upcoming EP, which is still in the works.