JyellowL’s “Mademoiselle” Is An Homage To Your Fave Humans


Photo: Usman Akhtar

Ireland-based artist JyellowL reminds us to appreciate those people around us who give us all the positivity we need in his latest single “Mademoiselle.” Over the throbbing production, JyellowL’s vocals rollicks through the list of his closed ones in a foot-stomping fashion. There is a slick, slightly smokiness to the melody that gives it a buoyant feel:

On his release, JyellowL detailed: “This is the kind of track that comes about when two artists are in their feelings! Chris Kabs sent me the instrumental and the title and I heard the words of the song through the chords. The song is about prioritising what and who really is important to you after a tiresome experience of trying to please everyone. It’s about giving roses to your role models, inspirations and loved ones while they’re around to smell them.”

The track is from JyellowL’s upcoming debut album 2020 DIVISION, which will be out soon.