Nature TV Made A Song For Nocturnal Overthinkers Called “The Whole World Drifts Away”

Indie pop

Photo: Ben Pender

Brighton-based band Nature TV rolls us through the incessant motion of your thoughts at night in their latest single “The Whole World Drifts Away.” Through its breathy guitar strings and neuron-lifting vocals, the track envelops your ears with celestial touch as the band shuffles through all the random thoughts you get flooded with at night. So as you overthink your existential crisis, relationships, groceries, and decisions, play this:

On the single, frontman Guy Bangham detailed: “‘The Whole World Drifts Away’ Is all about going over different life choices in your head at night and hoping you’ve made the right decisions or trusted the right people. Sometimes it’s hard to not doubt stuff, especially when you’re trying to get to sleep, but your mind keeps overthinking different routes you could have taken. But you know, we got a song out of it so it’s not all bad…right?”

The track is from their upcoming EP, which is still in the works.