Yuki Dreams Again Spins Around The Cyclical Nature Of Love In “Endlessly”

Indie pop

Photo: Artist courtesy

Montreal-based artist Yuki Dreams Again ruminates on the fragile and ever-changing nature of love in his new single “Endlessly.” It’s not a traditional love song, but one tinted with honesty that acknowledges the temporary state of our emotions. Yet melodically, “Endlessly” captues the same starry-eyed, cinematic grandeur of a hopeless romantic who can’t help pursue it:

“I wrote ‘Endlessly’ at a very special moment where I was experiencing a lot of changes in my life. One morning I decided to pack my stuff and go to my great grandmother’s old cabin, two hours away from the city, with no electricity,” shared YDA. “This song captures how cyclical and essential love can be. I hope that as you listen, you reflect on this truth.”