Estère Destroys Female Archetypes In New Video “Calculated Risk”

And it’s a beautiful destruction

Photo: PR courtesy

New Zealand artist Estère demolishes the outdated female archetypes in myths and literature in her latest single and video “Calculated Risk.” We all grew up hearing that it was a woman who opened the Pandora box and Estère is here to say fuck that shit through her unapologetic boldness. Layered with shimmering synths, Estère’s silky vocals bloom in a posh fashion as the gal embraces the freedom that comes with being a badass:

Speaking of the single, the gal shared: “There are age-old myths and archetypes about how women taking risks and being curious about things can literally ruin the world.  Calculated Risk explores how I can be freed from the chains of judgement and failure, opening up about my feelings, deep desires, and dreams. This song is about naming this part of myself – letting it breathe and allowing it to holler out – with no specific end goal in sight.”

On the video, Estère commented: “We referenced things we’d seen in indie rock videos, and juxtaposed them with the portrayal of several black female characters trying to exist in a space where they feel uncomfortable. It’s about learning to thrive outside of the status quo and endeavoring to be bold like the greatest drag queens.”

The track is from the gal’s upcoming record Archetypes, which will be out later this year.