Kyd The Band Jailbreaks From The Past In “Corridors”

“It’s like a prison in my head, some days I can’t get out of bed…”

Photo: Garret Hayes

Alternative pop artist Kyd the Band, aka Devin Guisande, takes us through his mental labyrinth in his new single and video “Corridors.” Taken from his upcoming EP Season 3: The Realization, out in October via Sony Music, “Corridors” is a look into hurtful memories and breaking away from them. It’s a self-empowering piece where Guisande’s slick choruses flow seamlessly with the heart-tugging beats.“Lyrically, it’s about realizing there are spaces in my mind I’ve created for people who have hurt me, specifically from my upbringing and formative years. It’s the starting point for the message of identity and self-acceptance, the intro to Season 3: The Realization,” commented Guisande. Enjoy:

Speaking of the video, Guisande shared: “My intention with this video was to convey an experience that I had as a teenager, in the church that I was raised in, that has stuck with me ever since. It’s stuck with me to the point where I’ve created a permanent place for it and that person in my mind, and I relive it over and over again.”

Stay tuned for more beats from him in the upcoming weeks.