For All Of Us Who Ended Up In Our Parents’ House, Play Slow Pulp’s “At It Again”

Indie rock

Photo: coool. Yep, that’s the name

Chicago-based band Slow Pulp captures that feeling of going backwards and being stuck all over again in their new single “At It Again.” Through breathy riffs and echoing vocals, “At It Again” mirrors our desire to break away from the stagnancy that we’ve been boxed into involuntarily. For all of us who’ve become the troll living in our parents’ basement again, blast this and wear some pants – coz you need to take the trash out:

Guitarist Henry Stoehr initially brought up the song during rehearsal and asked vocalist Emily Massey to finish writing the rest. Massey explained, “I had been staying at my parents quarantined away from my regular life and my regular people and I was doing a terrible job taking care of myself. I was finding it very difficult to muster up any type of energy or motivation to work on the record. I had been in positions in the past where my mental health had gotten the best of me and I couldn’t seem to finish anything that I started. I felt like I had reverted back to a place that I had worked so hard to get out of, and I felt like somehow everyone knew. Back on my bullshit in a completely novel situation.”

The track is from their upcoming debut album Moveys, which will be out on October 19th via Winspear.