Blush’ko’s “Moon” Is An Ode To The Sexiest Natural Satellite

Yes, natural satellite

Photo: PR courtesy

Before we dive in, here’s some space lesson – the moon is not a star or planet. It’s a natural satellite and happens to be the fifth largest one in our solar system. BUT Blush’ko points out that it happens to be the top first in the cosmic sexy scale. He even made a song called “Moon” – a smooth, suave ballad where the oooh and ahhh croons of Blush’ko paired with the gliding chords capture the celestial aura of the astronomical body orbiting our planet. Hit play:

“There is something so soothing and sensual about the moon – it’s a magical place where everyone dreams of going. Conceptually, the song centres around going somewhere far away enough so no one can find you, but close enough so you can always find your way back home,” explained Blush’ko.

“Moon” was entirely self-produced by Blush’ko.