Corella Explores Restlessness In New Single “On Wax”


Photo: Ryan Walton

Manchester rockers Corella take their frustrations and transform those emotions into hair-raising moments in their new anthem “On Wax.” Switching between bombastic riffs to meditative instances, “On Wax” showcases a form of euphonious aggression as the four unleash the mental weight that stagnancy can take a toll on us.  Smash that play button:

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, singer Joel shared: “We drew lyrical content from a place of frustration where we were surrounded by negativity, and we honed these feelings into this record like a stamp. The energy from ‘On Wax’ was different to what we’ve recorded before, and it was actually recorded last year in the autumn. We sat on it for a while but we didn’t have any of the lyrics until we were in lockdown.

People want to hear new music so it’s good for us to get this out to the world when people need music more than ever. Recording the instruments felt good but we didn’t know how to say what we wanted to say lyrically. That all came during lockdown, the feeling of being cemented in the ground. The never-ending days of nothingness.”

Joel (Vocals/Guitar), Ben (Vocals/Bass), Jack (Guitar), and James (Drums) are the masterminds behind Corella. They’ve been featured in various radios, played in festivals across the UK, and have amassed more than 3 million Spotify streams up to date.