Meet Play Love Lucas Nord’s “Undeniable” Ft. Husky & Melo

Indie dance

Photo: Michael Druce

Swedish artist Lucas Nord recruits his cronies Husky and Melo in his latest dance anthem “Undeniable,” an indietronica slice of hip-shaking beats that showers you with all the glitz and hooks you need to party. The track taps into the inevitable magnetic force between two individuals while also soaking you with the warmth of summer dancefloor. Enjoy:

“I randomly just came up with a lil melody and the title ‘Undeniable’ on the treadmill one day and recorded it on my phone. As with many musicians, my phone is filled with strange melodies you can barely hear that just pops up in your mind right when you’re about to fall asleep. Anyway, when I got back home I instantly did a lil draft of the track, which basically ended up being the plucky chord synth the songs starts off with. The next day, I had a session booked with my friends Melo and Husky&Pug so I played them the idea and just said I had a title I liked so we started writing from that. The concept of the song is really just about two people who ended a relationship when it’s undeniable that they should be together.”

The track is from his upcoming EP Boy Restless, which will be out on October 23rd via Physical Presents.