Zoé Takes Us On A Surreal Karmic Voyage In “Karmadame”


Video still from Zoé – Karmadame

Iconic rockers Zoé have shared their latest single and visual for “Karmadame” and it’s a surreal journey into the cyclical nature of life. Sonically, it’s a tapestry of meticulous rhythms stitched with swooshing interstitial moments where the billowing percussions and samples gush woozily. Zoé’s works have always been inward-facing, examining one’s own perception and role with the chaotic uncertainties of the environment. With “Karmadame,” they examine the sad pleasure of being in constant fluid motion with your own karma. “Fui tu rey / Fui tu esclavo” (“I was your king / I was your slave) chants vocalist Larregui. Hopscotching you from one contrasting role to another (king to slave, saint to devil), Zoé accentuates our interconnectedness with one another no matter which side of the wheel of fortune we may be on:

Karmadame” is from their upcoming record Sonidos de Karmática Resonancia, which will be out soon.