Dan Tuffy’s ‘Letters Of Gold’ Is A Record Of Noir Musings & Narratives

Indie folk

Photo: PR courtesy

Originally from Australia, Dan Tuffy is a multi-talented artist living in Netherlands. He is the former founding member of the psychedelic folk band Wild Pumpkins at Night and the eccentric group Parne Gadje. Dan released his debut solo album Songs From Dan back in 2017 and has returned with a new record Letters of Gold this year. Released back in April, Letters of Gold witnesses a shift in Dan’s sound into more poppier realm, but still retaining the edgy folk flair.

The record takes off with the acoustic opener “Can’t Contain My Feeling,” where Dan’s smoky vocals add an enigmatic air in the beginning. In “Honey Flow,” the stomping drums and dancing guitars are tinted with elements of Americana and mild dose of psychedelia that takes you spinning. He nestles us into a laidback trajectory in “Eternity,” where he takes us on a vulnerable reflection of faith, relationships, and vices. “I was straight back to the beer, whiskey, and the rum” he chants.

“Time Stole My Angel” is a lullaby-like track where the glimmering guitars and Dan’s croons yield an undeniable sense of nostalgia as Dan muses on “Where did all that time go?” while looking a loved one grow up. “Sandy Track” has the classic vibe of 60s pop anchored with minimalistic hooks. “No Sleep Until the Work is Done” starts off with harmonica that exude a nocturnal, lonely vibe. “I won’t stop until the work is done” sings Dan. It’s a track that goes perfectly for all nocturnal creatures out there who use the most silent hours of the day to craft their work.

The penultimate piece “Home Fires” builds in a slow-burning intensity as the multi-layered choruses capture our longing to escape. This song feels the most befitting for 2020 as we spend our days indoors daydreaming about a time where we’ll be able to leave. The final track “Big Man” is a raw piece that soar over the dark guitar and bass riffs. Letters of Gold is a moody record that speaks to our loneliness while also giving us company to live with our thoughts.