Ilithios Is A Groovy Werewolf In “FLORIST”

“I’m a terrible dancer”

Photo: PR courtesy

Brooklyn-based artist Ilithios combines his werewolf and dancer spirit into one in his video “FLORIST.” Soaring with its echo-drenched strings and featherlike vocals, “FLORIST” is an alternative slice of pop that narrates two unfitting individuals who can’t seem to let each other go. The video features Ilithios with his wolf mask making some moves, kinda looking like an EDM producer and Sad Keanu at 2:25 – enjoy:

Speaking of his new single, Ilithios shared: “’Florist’ is about being out of sync. The lyrics feel like a conversation between two people, or a person with themselves. Never feeling satisfied, or feeling like a disappointment, but still clinging or reaching out of sheer desperation. Ultimately the song asks that you look closer, without overthinking and beyond self doubt, and just be together.

In the video, the protagonist is performing an elaborate but somewhat foolish dance, in what feels like an impassioned plea for a connection, but is met with indifference from a mysterious person in a mask. They spiral into depression, ennui, attempts at therapy but ultimately find peace with themselves through a consult with a psychic. As one does.”

The track is from his upcoming debut LP with the same name, FLORIST, which will be out on October 23rd via Totally Real Records – what a credible name.