JEEN’s “Anything You Want” Is Armageddon Snowstorm Pop

With the coolest visuals

Artwork: Artist courtesy

Normally, when you get stuck in an Armageddon snowstorm, you binge on Netflix. And if the power’s gone, you finally organizing those drawers. When Canadian artist JEEN got stuck with her bandmate Ian Blurton during such situation, they decided to songsmith and “Anything You Want” is the outcome of that. It’s a blurry indie pop piece bleached with smeared with mantric lyrics to keep moving forward with what you want.  “‘Anything You Want’ was kind of a mantra for me. A reminder to stay on the path we choose and not what others choose for us,” the gal explained. Check out the animation/video by Stephen Hutchins original artwork by Chris Dyer:

The track is from JEEN’s upcoming record, which will be out on October 9th.