Psymon Spine Made A Zoom X Animal Crossing Video Called “Milk” Ft. Barrie

This is the new reality

Photo: Rachel Cabitt

Brooklyn band Psymon Spine speaks to our inner Nintendo spirit in new video “Milk” ft. Barrie. The video was heavily influenced by the pandemic, capturing our way to stay connected and entertained through Zoom and Animal Crossing. The track is a trance dream pop that makes you feel like dancing but also floating – it’s wizardry:

On the influence behind the video, bandmate Noah Prebish shared: “We were trying to come up with a way to shoot a music video together during a pandemic, with Sabine stuck in Germany and Barrie being god-knows-where. I remembered that my sister is a genius wizard and Nintendo dork and thought: ‘what’s more quarantine than a hap-hazard Animal Crossing video organized via a bunch of confusing Zoom calls?'”

Director, Maya Prebish, added: “When Noah came to me with the idea, I jumped onboard right away. It was a lot of fun turning Psymon Spine and Barrie into villagers, and I think it was a super fun way to bring everyone together even though they’re dispersed all over the world at the moment. I don’t think any of them know how to fish in real life, but that’s creative license.”

When Psymon Spine isn’t playing Animal Crossing, they’re playing Where’s Barrie?