Theo Bard Invites Us Into A Detox Dance In “Breath” Ft. Dat Brass


Photo: Jonathan Ashworth

London artist Theo Bard beckons us to dance away toxicity in new single “Breath” ft. Dat Brass.  Weaved with funk and woozy synths, “Breath” is a quirky piece where the propulsive beats give you a weird calm rush. The video, directed by Robbie Kilgour, the video features a protagonist who breaks away from toxicity through a mind-dazzling choreography:

On the single, Theo shared:

“’Breath’ was inspired by a series of jams with Jake Chapman, the synth player for my new live show. The beat and groove for the track came from my Volca Beats – a small, battery-powered drum sequencer which is surprisingly powerful for its size. The deep groove with huge kick sound and complex tom pattern was at once a nod to dubstep, grime and James Blake’s brooding compositions, while Jake came up with this synth sound and Dat Brass use their huge horn sound to play out the instrumental lines.”

“Breath” is out now via Ions Creating Evil Art.