Austin Harms Turns Sad Emoji To A Smiling One In “Need You”

Indie pop

Photo: Artist courtesy

LA artist Austin Harms delivers a heartfelt single titled “Need You” where he opens up about his own experiences with getting caught in a low funk and snapping out of it. The echo-layered vocals of Austin channel the vulnerability of such state while the billowing synths and smoky atmosphere yield a nocturnal moodiness. But this is the type of melancholia that offers comfort and captures a moment of epiphany when you realize you can snap out of it:

Speaking of the influence behind the single, Austin detailed: “I wrote this song about an experience I had one night earlier this year. I had reached a really low point emotionally, a point where I was totally overwhelmed and ended up walking for a few miles that night without really a direction of where I was going. Thankfully I reached out for help and got it. The heaviness of those experiences really sticks with me – I wrote this song not too long after that as a sort of reflection of what happened and maybe as a way to look at my mess, understand it better, and hopefully turn it into something positive.”