Lupin Deals With Actual & Emotional Mortality In “Vampire” & “Murderer”

Yep, two new singles + videos

Photo: Graham Tolbert

Lupin, aka Jake Luppen of Hippo Campus, has shared two new singles and videos titled “Vampire” and “Murderer.” Both are equally steezy* bundle of chill tunes where Lupin’s smoothly gossamer vocals ruminate on two kinds of mortality – the literal one when you stop existing and the emotional one when you break up with someone. Check it out:

On “Vampire,” Jake commented: “I was fully under the impression that I was dying when I wrote this – I had gotten a CT scan a couple weeks before that revealed a mass in my brain, which led me to believe that I had brain cancer or some form of Parkinson’s. When you’re reminded of your morality there’s a recklessness that creeps up. I found myself willfully doing things I knew I would end up regretting.”

Speaking of “Murder,” he detailed: “I had been living alone in a house that I used to share with my ex, so the lyrics were inspired by all of the things she left behind. One day I literally packed everything that reminded me of our relationship into boxes and shoved them in my closet. It felt like a funeral.”

The two tracks are from his upcoming debut solo LP, Lupin, which will be out on October 9th via Grand Jury Music.

*steezy: style with ease (Urban Dictionary)