Mobley Brings 60s Rock Swagger In New Single “James Crow”

+ Announces ‘Curbside Tour’

Photo: Andrew Bennett

Austin-based Mobley delivers the swagger of 60s rock along with thought-provoking message in his new single “James Crow.” It’s a catchy piece that Mobley wrote back in 2018 when he was in Thailand and explores the feelings of alienation and speaking the truth. “I want to draw people in with that serotonin hit you get from a catchy, well-crafted song,” explained Mobley. “But once they’re in, I want to implicate them in all of the grim, unsightly realities of what’s going on in our country. As they’re singing along, it’s like ‘What did he say? What am I chanting right now?’” Hit play:

“James Crow” is from his upcoming EP Young & Dying in the Occident Supreme, which will be out soon. Mobley will also be taking off his Curbside Tour, where he’ll giving an intimate performance in the streets outside his fans’ houses from a safe social distance of a dozen+ meters. For fans around the world, make sure to stay tuned for livestream performances.