Noah Chenfeld’s “Orioles” Is A Song Made Of Runner’s High & Birds Chirping

Birds are partying with this

Photo: Cobey Arner

Usually when we’re jogging, our runner’s high comes in the form of taco images that we’ll be devouring afterwards. For NYC artist Noah Chenfeld, it came in a melodic form – a particular intricate tune that grew in him as the sound of birds chirping invaded his eardrums.  And that’s how his latest song “Orioles” was born – a woozily, arm-swaying anthem where the buoyant thumps take you on a majestic flight. This is what birds will be listening to while mating partying in the coolest and most exclusive tree in the…park:

Lyrically, “Orioles” taps into the value of communication in this age.  “This past May, I had just come home from jogging and was sitting on the front porch catching my breath. In a state of post-run zen, I noticed birds chirping, and thought the melody they were singing was catchy and rhythmic, so I immediately ran to find my phone so I could record myself humming the bird tune. That tune became the starting point for ‘Orioles’” detailed Noah.

Noah Chefeld has ben making his imprint in the New York music scene since the age of 15, fronting bands and hitting stages. He has opened for artists such as Maggie Rogers, Whitney, Day Wave, The Neighborhood, and more. Keep Noah under your radar for more groovy stuffs.