Chris Lanzon’s “Everest” Is Highly Chillaxing & Healthy Banger For Your Soul

Groovy doovy

Photo: Lara Louise

Hailing from Sydney, Chris Lanzon has been making waves this year with his sound that evinces a mesmeric charm. His latest single “Everest” is a lush reflective deposit, containing the knottiest emotions we experience in a state of stagnancy. Starting out with intricate guitar strands, “Everest” hovers over an intimate acoustic production that gets fleshed out halfway by cinematic synths. Lanzon’s vocals have this subtle sedative effect on you, advancing and receding in a calming motion and bursting when the time is right to deliver the catharsis you’ve been waiting for – enjoy:

“I think this is the most honest and vulnerable song I’ve made so far, yet it sounds really upbeat and invigorating. I love the contrast of those feelings. It’s really about feeling stuck and misunderstood, but I wanted to explore that in a comforting and warm tone,” shared Lanzon.

“Everest” is the follow up of Lanzon’s debut EP Melancholy, which was released back in May of this year and has already amassed over 400K streams. Check it out:

Chris Lanzon is currently working on his sophomore record. Go spy him on Instagram.