South African Poptress Filipa Wants You To Commit Or Quit In “Do Something”

And it involves honesty

Photo: PR courtesy

South African artist Filipa channels the frustrations of being caught in a romantic affair that isn’t moving forward or backward in her latest single “Do Something.” It’s a bold, unapologetic track that calls to cut the stagnant bullshit and either commit or quit. Along with the video, the gal has shared a self-shot video on her iPhone that showcases her quarantine time at home. Enjoy:

On her single, Filipa shared: “This song was inspired by a very confusing and frustrating romantic relationship that was at a deadlock. The unsettling feeling of not knowing where you stand with someone can be one of the most frustrating to deal with. My feelings grew stronger and I got to a point where I just wanted to scream and shout ‘If you like me back, just DO something! Take this somewhere.’”

Filipa is songsmithing and also finishing her studies at Harvard University’s Extension School.