Yolanda Be Cool’s “No More Sorrow” Is A Weird Music Video In Every Positive Way


Still from Yolanda Be Cool – No More Sorrow (Official Video)

Sydney house duo Yolanda Be Cool recruits directors Rob Norman World Surfing League, Red Bull) and Nick Sullivan (Boy George, Sweater Curse) for their new surreal video “No More Sorrow.” A story of a man overcoming his own inner chaos, “No More Sorrow” is a bizarre feast of visuals that feels like yoga for your imagination. Enjoy:

Speaking of the video, the duo shared: “We wanted to show a man trying to overcome his inner turmoil with the help of his shoulder angel (Michael Gislaine) in a quirky and hypnotic way. It’s all too late though and he’s ‘left town’ so to speak, all alone with no more sorrow. We also wanted to emphasize movement in every shot to complement the upbeat track and make you want to move/dance.”

“Yolanda Be Cool” is out now via Sweat It Out.