Duncan Fellows Dropped Doublebangers “Feeling Down” & “Car Song” So Life Is Better Now

The dog is falling asleep 🐶

Photo: Claire Schaper. What a majestic dog.

Austin-based quintet Duncan Fellows are returning with the announcement of a new album The Sadlands (out on October 16th) and two new bangers “Feeling Down” and “Car Song” today. “Feeling Down” is an upbeat jam that knocks on your eardrums while “Car Song” takes you on a melancholic Xanax-like ride. Check them out:

On their upcoming album, the quartet shared:

“It sometimes feels that it is human instinct to defy the severity of a situation—to reimagine an unbearable moment so as to make it palatable through distance and disassociation. It seems we all do this frequently and out of necessity in our everyday lives. Sometimes you give that place of convergence a name. This is where we drew our inspiration for The Sadlands.

The Sadlands is a map of experiences culled from the past few years of our lives where we began to really try to demarcate the moments that had shaped, and continue to shape us as people: dancing alone in a room with the person you love, knowing there’s some things neither of you will ever be able to tell the other; driving in circles across the country and wondering what the hell you’re doing; watching untended wounds slowly pull your loved ones apart. We strove for honesty above everything else and we hope that comes through in the music. Cheers and please play our video game on Thesadlands.com.”

Yes, following the release of the album, the band will also launch a video game they created.