La Poré Dropped “Blame” & It Won’t Leave Your Brain

You can blame it on him

Photo: Logan Floyd

As we continue to witness the apocalypse, TikTok’s ban, and Chris Evans dickpic teachings, LA artist La Poré decided to gracefully slide his new single “Blame” into our ears. Once you listen to it, you realize that he has cracked a melodic algorithm to draw you into his vocal vortex. Smeared with the vintage colors of 90s pop, “Blame” is a lush canvas with streaks of cheery gloom where La Poré uses an arsenal of swooshing synths and chest-quaking riffs to deliver a cascade of frisson. But the golden punch of the track is his high-pitched voice that ingrains your brain with “You can blame it on meeeee.” Yep, it won’t leave your head:

Check out the video directed by Logan Floyd:

Speaking of the track, he shared: “‘Blame’ was written several months before my wife and I got married and set out on our permanent move across the country from Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles, California. I knew that this would be a huge change in our lives. All we had ever known was Ohio. I was going to chase my dreams, but I was also faced with the fact that I was not only responsible for myself, but also the well-being of my wife. Thus, the song is about fear of resentment in a relationship. If things go wrong, ‘You can blame it on me.’ The song also includes lyrics inspired by Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ after I performed the role of Romeo in Actors’ Theatre of Columbus’ production in the Summer of 2019. The song was co-written and co-produced by Kyle Kanzigg.”

Originally from Cleveland, OH, La Poré is the solo synthpop project of Nick Samson who was the former drummer of Captain Kidd. In a short period of time, he has been making waves for his work. His single, “Sad Girl,” reached #4 on Hype Machine’s top 50 popular list and was featured on Kistuné Hotstream. The follow up, “Missing It,” was included in Kitsuné Musique’s collaboration album with the NBA, Kitsuné America 5: The NBA Edition. “Missing It” was also used as the official soundtrack for Netflix film The Perfect Date, featuring Noah Centineo.

If you want to personally blame La Poré for making this song get stuck in your head, he is on Instagram (in case of #instagramdown, here is his Twitter).