Litany’s “Starsign” Is For The Emotionally Unavailable Online Creatures

Gamophobia is very real

Photo: PR courtesy

Litany brings back 90s shimmer and starry-eyed rush in her latest single “Starsign.” But unlike the upbeat, heart-squeezing melody, “Starsign” is actually about gamophobia (fear of commitment) and captures that weird moment of deleting a text you were going to send to your potential partner. So if you’re emotionally unavailable but still managed to dip your toes into the online dating world, here’s “Starsign” for you:

“When I had periods of loneliness I, like so many others, turned to online dating and lived to regret it shortly after when my commitment-phobe tendencies kicked in. Even if said date is an absolute Adonis, my career is my boyfriend,” shared Litany.

“Starsign” was produced by Charlie Hugall (Halsey, Florence + The Machine). Litany will begin her rescheduled UK and Ireland headline tour in 2021, so stay tuned.