ALBRT Dances With Melancholia In “With You”


Photo: Chiara Rigato

Italian artist ALBRT, aka Alberto Pagnin, channels a form of hypnotic melancholia thorugh silvery vocals and billowing beats in his latest single “With You.” Using minimalistic ambience and indietronic pop ingredients, ALBRT constructs a soundscape that has blend of contemporary and classic feel to it. Stream below:

“I painted  a melancholic harmony with the bass; but I wanted something more, something magical and nostalgic,” shared ALBRT. “I wanted to create an ethereal modern piece, something that makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. So I added harp arpeggio, dreamy vibes, reverb-soaked textures and my beloved piano on top of that. The result is ‘With You’, possibly the most romantic songs I’ve ever written.”

“With You” is from his upcoming debut EP, which will be released later this year.