Doc Straw & The Scarecrows Go From Low To Growth In “Get On By”

Folk rock

Artwork: PR courtesy

Virginian band Doc Straw & The Scarecrows address the hefty emotional lows that we go through – especially during these turbulent times – in their new single “Get On By.” Tinged with elements of country and folk, “Get On By” is a raw piece built on string-powered rhythmic layers over blood-rushing cadence. There is a bittersweet tone throughout the piece as frontman Mike Straw touches upon the cyclical lows we experience. But along with acknowledging the emotional weight of the situation, he also reminds us of the hope and self-growth that can take during those times. The smooth striking strings along with his gliding vocals offer an empathetic soundscape for listeners to roll with the punches and rock out any frustrations. Check it out::

Speaking of the influence behind the single, Mike Straw shared: “I wrote this song after getting off of a 3-hour long phone conversation with my sister, Jessica, and a lot of our conversation that evening centered around some of the tougher things in life and how we were dealing with these struggles. If a person lives long enough then at some point they will experience these trying seasons. I’ve learned that it’s important to pay attention during those times because that is when we have some of the best opportunities to grow.”

Doc Straw & The Scarecrows was founded by songwriter and multi-talented musician Mike Straw, who has expanded the band’s lineup with Vaughn Thomas (guitar), Shelton Sprouse (bass), and Taylor Bess (keyboard). Mike is a former combat vet and currently a doctor of physical therapy. He’s currently getting ready to release a full self-titled album, so stay tuned.