Kulick Drops New Single “Rope”

Alternative rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Kulick captures the chaotic emotional state we experience when we try to adjust from one lifestyle to another in new single “Rope.” It’s an infectious alternative rock piece that has the trimmings of pop, giving it a seamless edginess to it. Hit play:

“’Rope’ was written immediately after getting off of the US and Canada tour with Andy Black and The Faim in May 2019. I had a tough year in my personal life, and I wasn’t ready to face it when I got home. I wrote this song with my drummer Keith Gensure, who I’ve known and played music with most of my life, and I felt safe enough to write this very personal song with him,” detailed Kulick.

He further added, “This was written when I was feeling so unsure of what to do when I got home. It was such a rollercoaster of wanting life to be the way it was before I left for tour, and some days wanting to start over. I knew something was wrong, I didn’t like who I was while I was gone, and I didn’t recognize who I was before I left. It really took a toll on the people in my life that I really love and care about, especially those closest to me, and for the rest of my life I’ll wish I handled it differently.”

The track is from Kulick’s upcoming debut album Yelling in a Quiet Neighborhood, which will be out on October 16th via ENCI Records.