Swipe Your Heart To The Right With Ludic’s “Heart Emoji”

Online romance is tricky

Photo: PR courtesy

Ludic navigate through the tricky territory of pursuing and maintaining romance in the cyberworld in their latest single “Heart Emoji.” Tinted with the kooky retro colors of 90s-2000s pop, “Heart Emoji” channels a dance-inducing funk that keeps you intoxicated with the utopian rush of love. But lyrically, Ludic goes deeper into the notion whether it’s actually love or the image that is presented to us through chromatic emojis, inspiring bios, and filtered photos:

“Often our songs are written in a perspective different from our own, this one exploring ‘online love’ and the idea that someone could pursue another romantically without even really knowing them,” shared the trio. “It seems like an everyday thing now, superficial or not, and that’s how we’re treating it in the song. We all love a pretty face.”

“Heart Emoji” was produced by award-winning recording engineer Ryan Worsely.