Catastrophe & Cure Is Giving Us “Another Wave” Rock’N’Roll Highs

Meet the Austrian rock band

Photo: Dominik Pandeldis

Austrian rockers Catastrophe & Cure is giving us a serious wave of frissons with their single “Another Wave,” a goosebumps-inducing piece that is constructed with bursting riffs and gossamer chords with cheery doom. Lyrically, the band explores the bright and dark side of being in the emotional mercy of someone else. Smash that play button:

Speaking of the track, they shared: “’Another Wave’ was one of the first songs we recorded for our new album. It almost wrote itself. We had a couple of chords, the lead guitar and all of a sudden the song was finished. It’s a song about the ambivalence of love and about being at the mercy of one’s own emotions. ‘You’re my love / Yet my downfall / You’re my love / Still my pain’…. you get the idea!”

Catastrophe & Cure are Johannes Eder (vox, guitar), Lukas Kargl (guitar), Raphael Rameis (drums), Sebastian Kargl (bass), and  Maximilian Atteneder (keys), who were all born and raised in Steyr, Upper Austria. Now based in Vienna, the band has garnered wide recognition including winning the Amadeus Austrian Music Award for their debut record, topping the charts, and headlining the FM4 Frequency Festival. “Another Wave” is from their album Somewhere Down the Line, which was released back in April 17 of this year.