Somewhat Coy Drop Emotionally Complicated Single “Honest”

Alternative pop

Artwork: PR courtesy

LA duo Somewhat Coy does everyone a favor by dropping a song that delivers the difficult message I-don’t-feel-anything-for-you titled “Honest.” And despite the hefty content of the lyrics, “Honest” is a hip-swinging hymn where the funky thumps and slick pitch vocals yield a heart pumping melody. So instead of writing that awkward essay on your phone, just send this track:

In their own works, “Honest” is about “…the hesitation that you feel when you’re working up the courage to tell someone that you don’t feel anything for them, and the long and messy process of figuring that out for yourself.”

Somewhat Coy is comprised of Connor McCoy and Matt Browning who met as undergrads in Boston and decided to move to LA to pursue their careers in music. They’re currently planning to release their debut EP in early 2021 – so 2020 can go #cancel itself.