Hong Kong Boyfriend Captures Gen Z Romance In “Tiramisu”


Photo: Eddie Mandell

Hong Kong Boyfriend, aka the solo project of LA artist Rob Sanders, gives us a utopian picture of first love in his latest video “Tiramisu.” The video captures young love blooming at its peak with retro shades that transmit an undeniable sense of nostalgia. The track is a slow-burning piece that has a sense of cheery sadness to it. Check out the video directed by Aamir Khuller below:

Born in Japan and raised in the Bay Area, Sanders spent most of his early years focusing on classical violin training. He moved to LA to pursue his career in music and decided to choose his moniker after a girl he was interested in years ago. “The feelings were not mutual,” he recalled. “She had a long-distance boyfriend who was in Hong Kong. That’s who I wanted to be.”