Joe Turner Drops New Single “Influence”


Photo: Alex Rawson

Joe Turner returns with new club-friendly single “Influence,” where we get to feast upon the fiery synths and rhythmic bursts. It’s a feel-good piece to kickstart your night or morning – honestly doesn’t make much difference coz it’s a banger:

“Influence originally started out as something much softer but after playing around with two separate pads on my Prophet 08 and processing them through a tremolo plugin, they became an integral part of the track and I had to adapt it to become something much heavier and for the dance floor. I love electronic music that has lots of tiny variations in so that every time you listen closely you discover something new and that’s what I wanted to do with Influence, I wanted to take the listener on a journey.”

The track is from Turner’s upcoming debut EP Textures, which will be out on November 13th.