Talkboy Reminds Us Of The Art Of Gratitude In “Stupid Luck”

Indie rock

Photo: Sam Crowston

Leeds-based band Talkboy returns with a new single, buoyant single “Stupid Luck” – a mood-boosting piece that reminds us to stay grateful despite the unexpected events we might face. Through its swollen cheery riffs, “Stupid Luck” sends tingling waves that makes us step back a bit and be mindful of things that we often take for granted:

Speaking of the new single, the band shared: “As a group of people we love to push the blame around and look for excuses – trying to find little life get-out clauses that justify our existence as big kids. Birthdays are beginning to become things that are scary events where you realise maybe stuff hasn’t turned out quite how you planned. That being said, I think it’s good to remember although that may be the case and that being driven is important for sure, being able to realise how lucky you are is too.”

“Stupid Boy” is from their upcoming sophomore EP, which will be arriving in 2021.