Andreas Moss Practices Self-Love In “Minivan”


Photo: PR courtesy

Swedish artist Andreas Moss embraces his own sexuality while spreading self-love in his latest single and video “Minivan.” It’s a playful track where the breakneck choruses and sassy visuals capture his confidence while giving us a visual stylistic treat. Check it out:

In discussing the release, Moss shared: “This song has many meanings for me. One huge one being that it’s the first song where I’ve ever identified as gay lyrically and where I am fully loving and living as myself. The song is light hearted but also very sexual. I’ve noticed that people see even the smallest male to male intimacy as “inappropriate” even if it’s just holding hands or kissing. So instead of dancing around the subject I hit it straight on. Sex is beautiful, sex is amazing and isn’t something we should be ashamed of. It has been so unbelievably empowering to speak from a place of complete honesty. Hopefully, it encourages more queer artists to truly love themselves and feel comfortable in their sexuality.”

Jonathan Thulin is maestro behind Andrea Moss who has already garnered over 70 million streams and has written for artists like BTS, Pitbull, Vic Mensa, etc.