If You Miss Friends, Here’s Golden Vessel’s “that’s us” Ft. The Nicholas & Rei So La

Or human contact in general

Artwork: Maxwell Byrne & James Caswell. Promoted by Mammal Sounds

Golden Vessel recruits his friends, Amsterdam artist The Nicholas and Aussie newcomer Rei So La, in his latest single “that’s us,” an alternative pop piece that channels the momentous bliss we feel when we get to reconnect with friends/family after a long period of being away. Smash that play button:

“I made That’s Us with my friend Rutger (The Nicholas) in Amsterdam. We had 4 days together and this was the second song we made. It came together very easily, we started with an acoustic guitar recorded into a handheld tape recorder and built the song around that. I knew I wanted to have a 3rd person to contribute a verse and the obvious choice was Rei So La (who I’m in a band with called Lucky Idiot). I sent him the idea one night and by 10am the next morning I had his verse recorded through an apple earphone microphone (which we used partially in the final version of the song). The song for me is about being away from friends and family (or people you don’t get to see very often) and getting really short bursts of time with them that can feel great and overwhelming and then moving on till you cross paths again.”

The track is from his upcoming sophomore album colt, which will be out on October 15th via his label sumoclic.