Lupa J’s “Supermarket Riots” Is A Glamorous Nightmare With Slime

You had me at slime

Photo: Dean Tirkot

Melbourne-based act Lupa J makes all of our groceries nightmares come true in their new music video “Supermarket Riots,” where we see ghosts and slime. The gothic dancers add a touch of gory aesthetics to the video, making it a stunning and glamorous nightmare. Enjoy:

On the song, they shared:

“I wrote ‘Supermarket Riots’ in the week or so before lockdown became a reality in Australia, while people were panic buying, when you had to get into the store at 8am if you wanted to get anything you actually needed. It was extra surreal for me because I had only recently moved cities and I’d barely become used to my new life in Melbourne. To top it off, I was in a long distance relationship and I was starting to freak out that I wouldn’t be able to travel back to my partner. I remember walking around my area trying to comprehend what was about to happen; at the shops feeling this universal skittishness, noticing a look of fear in everyone’s eyes. The whole thing made me crumble & start to become super needy in my relationship, which I hated the feeling of. I think the way I wrote the lyrics reflects all this, it’s not a cohesive ‘narrative’ so much as a bunch of anxious sounding phrases, trying but struggling to paint a picture of what was going on externally and internally for me.”