There Are Some Serious Epiphanies In INTRN’s “week or 2”


Photo: PR courtesy

INTRN chronicles his own emotional epiphanies in his latest single “week or 2” where he takes us down the lane of unrequited romance. The track is a laidback, indie piece that delivers a bittersweet vibe hitting your most vulnerable spots – but those are the best ones:

Speaking of the track, he shared: “‘’week or 2’ is a bunch of realizations through each verse, sort of processing aloud concerns and problems in the relationship all building into this epiphany in the hook accepting that this isn’t going to change and I wasn’t going to be able to be the person she wanted me to be and the more I tried, the more I hurt myself.”

The track is from INTRN’s upcoming EP New Distractions, which will be out on October 14th.