Che Lingo Gives Us Self-Prescribed Therapy In “Dark Days” Ft. Kojey Radical

For all your relationship mess

Photo: Ian Upton

Che Lingo teams up with Kojey Radical in new single “Dark Days,” a woozy hip-hop piece that pays homage to the female figures in their lives that have given them stability. At the same time, the track also serves as a therapeutic piece filled with self-reflection on relationships. Hit play:

“This song is a self-prescribed therapy session. Growing up and getting into dating and experiencing things as a young black male, I realised I had nothing to go on relationship-wise because my household wasn’t nuclear. In turn, I think (amongst all the good times) I probably ended up projecting a lot of my issues and bad traits onto the women I’d dated without realising it at the time because (like most of us) I was winging it for the most part. When they were fiercest supporters of me as a person and an artist. This is an acknowledgment of how MUCH that lack of communication in relationships can affect growth and accountability. It’s a sensitive but necessary conversation about the unfairly common pain that our women are left with from our experiences. I couldn’t think of anyone better than Kojey to help me convey that message.”

The track is from Che Lingo’s upcoming debut album The Worst Generation, which will be out on October 23rd.