Didirri’s ‘Sold For Sale’ EP Is Out Now


Photo: PR courtesy

Aussie artist Didirri has shared his new EP Sold For Sale, a record of discovery and exploration of the ups and downs of life. Didirri sways between heartache and hope in this smooth seven-track journey fueled with delicate guitar strings and warm vocals. Enjoy:

“Sold for Sale is all about gratitude” Didirri explained.  “It was written a few miles away from Paradise in California after the terrible fires that happened in 2019. I spent my first Thanksgiving there and I was shocked to see so many people giving thanks for what they had. Despite losing almost everything so many people were getting on with being happy. There will always be something raining on your parade so you may as well start the parade. The chorus is me purely expressing my love for someone. I’m completely sold. Ready to be whatever they need me to be, for sale at the buyer’s price.”